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Professional Equine Laundry

Horse Rug Cleaning, Reproofing & Repair

RICKNALL RUGS offer a professional cleaning and repair service second to none.

We provide a 1 week return (from receipt to dispatch) all year round ensuring your rug is returned in pristine condition.

Using the NIKWAX Reproofing system your rug will be restored to the highest standard ensuring effective durability for the Winter months.

A professional rug repair service is also provided by 1st class machinists with a wealth of equestrian knowledge, enabling our repairs and alterations to accommodate the requirements for the horse and pony. We can guarantee a first class, fast, efficient service.

RICKNALL RUGS has been established since 1997 and we have been cleaning and repairing rugs since. We have been involved in the equestrian business services for generations. This has provided us with the understanding and knowledge required in the rug cleaning and repair business.